When I applied for the training of User Experience Design in General Assembly, I got some pre-assignments. At that time, I was a thorough novice in the UX design field.

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This project (slide show) was about users experience in grocery stores. My work was to figure out a solution to improve their shopping journey. I started from user research including both qualitative and quantitative methodologies. I found the most pain point for users was: it’s super hard to find the goods they wanted.

In addition, the more versatile goods were, the more difficult they were to sort. This situation often ended up users left store without buying desired products even if the products were exactly on the shelves.

For companies, there are more and more retailers enormously to develop at mobile-enhanced in-store user experience.

After analyzing two competitors, I believed solving this problem should be begun from simplicity. I will help users and retailers satisfy their minimum purposes at the same time.

For users, I chose color lamp and image to reach the goal. It’s based on the study of human processing information system. People always have more impressions of diagrams.

impression psychology

For retailers, all they have to do is change “physical display“. Price tags become the main sort of color lumps and signboards synchronize background color with price tags.


This project was based on self studying and took me 5 days. I understood what were my strengths, and what were my weakness. The strengths lies in my personalities: passionate and persevered. Also, I am a fast learner. On the contrary,  my weakness was language. I never thought language was a obstacle. It’s just a tool especially for me starting to learn English only eight months.

I am always well-prepared as determining on new goals. In other words, I seize every opportunity to complete them even if I will be rejected many times.

Finally, General Assembly accepted my application. I was probably the first student who was not a native speaker and a novice in UX design meanwhile.

I trust myself, and you can trust me as well.

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