My Role: UX architect, UI designer, UX writer(bilingual in English and Chinese) & Product manager

Achievement: Designed, planned, and launched 4 applications in 8 months, and they Turned into the fundamental elements for the IoT solutions.

Ultron ONE* is the integrated cloud management platform, providing real-time data and flexible combo applications for householders and organizations to experience seamless and painless communication with IoT devices.

Plan the IoT solutions like LEGO

In order to address all needs across every section, I considered the IoT solutions as LEGO bricks. The administrators can choose various applications and even customize the specific fluid components in the app.

Platform Structure

It’s so-called “fluid” because the essence is unchangeable, but the shape and appearance are adjusted depending on different fields. For example, all of the applications own the feature of Hashtag. However, the words and phrases for the healthcare industry solution are relevant for the medical industry.

Based on the above concept, I have completed 4 apps development, including OAM of monitoring and controlling IoT devices, IAM of managing resource access, Data center of building strategies, and ACS of implementing versatile scenarios.

Products sprung up**


I was responsible for the product design of the OAM. The OAM(Operation Administration and Maintenance)*** as an operating system controls manages and monitors all the devices. It was incepted in early 2019. Our subscribers, therefore, have a lens of the big picture of all IoT devices connections.



I conceived a holistic model to translate the platform’s strategy and wrote the user manual. The IAM(Identity and Access Management) as a resource center controls the platform authentication and authorization. It was a milestone and was delivered three months later.

IAM Structure
IAM Web UI design

Data Center

With more and more IoT devices released to the market, we collect data, including activated devices, registered users, device GPS, and so on, to help ourselves and our vendors make operating decisions. I was responsible for this app development and have launched version 2 in 2021 Q2.


Data Center web UI


The ACS(Access control system ) app can apply in many areas, such as Locker, e-Check in, and Door. All of which I was the lead to plan and design all the features stand hybrid interfaces of the website app for administrators and the mobile app for end-users. The ACS project was delivered in July 2021.

ACS hybrid UI


This IoT platform started at the beginning of 2021 and is developing other apps in full swing to become an omni IoT control hub. I am the first product designer to plan holistic services. Our team can follow the rule to optimize the platform iteratively.

Web UI

* The concept of Ultron ONE was proposed by me in early 2021.

** Here, I only showed the products I led the project of development.

*** Initially, this was the first and only one purpose of the support panel. It was not competent time over time, so Ultron ONE was instead of it.

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