As a designer, we try to make all things become artworks.

As a UX designer, we create artworks with not only aesthetics but cognition.

I am working in IoT industry, which includes the latest advanced technologies and untraditional human behavior of using consumer equipment. Most of the time, I have to help users enhance the knowledge of IoT.
As a result, icons which convey the sense of IoT become a critical role. The icons below I designed are expressive after iterating.

I follow the disciplines of flat design and make sure to offer a soothing and sophisticated look with a minimal amount of pixels.

After the usability test, some icons without labels cannot be directly connected to the original meaning I set, such as “Onboarding and Reconnect,” and “Cross wireless technology.”

When I show the labels along with the matched icons, the people who even have a little sense about IoT can quickly identify each one and make an impression as well. The others will consider them as new knowledge of IoT technology.


Design concept:

Onboarding and Reconnect

There are two meanings on the icon of Onboarding and Reconnect. (I use that a big rounded square implies an IoT ecosystem and small ones imply smart things.) For onboarding, it means smart things integrate into users’ home IoT ecosystem by their WiFi. I draw a small green square which is going to embed. For reconnect, smart things will auto-reconnect once they disconnect unexpectedly. I substitute a small gray square for the green one to represent the meaning of reconnecting.

Onboarding and Reconnect

Cross wireless technology

The icon of cross wireless technology means it is compatible with all wireless technology up to now. A ring indicates united. The four colors are symbolic of WiFi(black), ZigBee(red), Sigfox(purple), and LoRa and Bluetooth(blue).

Cross Wireless Technology

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