The article was the process of how I created the icon of “Remote care.”

First, remote care literally means “take care of something that is far away.” Therefore, I focused on “take care” and “far away.” The former was depicted with a hand; the latter was depicted with the earth and location symbol.

The first version

Second, I rethought of remote care in the specific situation. It’s the function that remotely controls IoT devices with computers including desktop and handheld devices. Also, I showed the internet symbol this time, because it’s a bridge that connects IoT devices and computers.

The second version

I redesigned it to make better and smoother.

The third version

I redesigned it again to emphasize a close-subject and a far-object.

The forth version

It’s time to face people’s feedback. There were 23 participants. I got three characteristic cues:
1. Multiple controllers
2. Far away
3. The internet
Besides, color selection is the key point as well. In order to fit our App design, any icon shouldn’t be outlandish against others.
This is the final design combined with the other two designers’ comments. In addition to meeting three cues, it’s also steady and concise.

The final version

This task spent two workdays.

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