Veiws count

Website redesigned and launched at 10/15/2018 after the optimization. The results were

  1. Views count increased from 4 to 63 on the first day.
  2. Compared to a prior period, page views jumped 14x, from 200 to 2972.
  3. Page views have surpassed 4K for 2 months. Comparing to the original website, it was 167/month.

This product is different from general notebooks. Strictly speaking, it’s a frame of the notebook but has almost the same functionality.

Empathize/ Define

When people encounter some new things, they will try to look for patterns that they have had. The purpose is to save time. After all, there are a too many things people need to learn in their lifetime.

It’s kind of Kolb’s experiential learning.

Learning Cycle_V3

If people have some problems with the phase of reflective observation, they can’t correspond to the previous experience. It probably disappoints people and then ends up to be given up.

All we need to do is provide the guideline right off the bat! It helps people build a new pattern in their mind.

After comprehending the whole picture, people who are interested will accept more content about new things.

In addition to customer behavior, some conventions of web design should be followed, for instance, primary navigation and utilities links.

More intuitive customers browser, more satisfied they are. DON’T MAKE THEM THINK!


  1. The critical point: GUIDELINE.
    It’s so unique that we have to explain how it works first.
  2. Product placement
    This button should properly appear in every paragraph.
  3. Simplistic icons are used for prominent features.
    Readily express why customers need this product.
  4. Parallax scrolling design
    It is a major trend in web design now. The product introduction is built on one webpage to be like storytelling. As the different moving rate between background and foreground, it creates a 3D effect in a 2D scene.
  5. Simplicity is enough
    Only provide the most essential information in the utilities links.


I rearranged the instruction to the top section and remake a new film that was brighter.

After the instruction, I added the product images from Amazon. They switch to the Amazon product pages when customers clicking. It’s convenient for customers to purchase them. If there are any seasonal promotion, it will show here meanwhile.

This button also appears after the features section.

product photo

Now, the features of the product should be prominent. We designed four simplistic icons to help customers make an impression right away. More detail expressed in sequence.

Finally, I added the essential information in utilities links such as who was HappyEarth ( Our Story and Contact Us) and additional service (Download template) to enhance customers use the site.

Every startup has its own compelling story. It’s a good chance to advocate the product’s philosophy.


The diagram is more readable and more straightforward than video, even though the effect of the video is better than the diagram. Therefore, the diagram should be given higher priority.

We discarded the link of “Buy It Now” but used “Learn More” instead on the Facebook ads. I found if customers brought this product without watching any instruction, they had more questions and were less satisfied. It might get the result of bad reviews.

Crowdfunding and environmental protection are the features of this company. People are curious where it started from and sometimes inspired by its belief. Hence, I extended the initial backers comments to create the effect of clustering.

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 10.02.09 AM

This website was built on WordPress Premium.


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