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This is the project(slideshow) in five days to Improve the grocery store experience!

Creating a simple solution for the complex problem. Let’s get started.


People go to grocery stores on average once a week at least. Fewer people do window shopping in it but do that unintentionally. The reason is that they can’t find what they want and then distract.

Between 10%-30% of consumers leave stores without buying a desired product, because they can’t find it, even though that product is actually on the shelf.

The more versatile functionality, the more difficult to sort, the more frustrated for customers find it.



The Top Three Hardest Items To Find At The Grocery Store


User interview

GooFinder user interview


DooFinder Survey

Literature Review- for grocery stores

  • More than 70% of retailers’ mobile app usage is focused on the in-store experience.
  • Nearly all of the top 100 retailers are deploying or experimenting with some sort of mobile-enhanced in-store user experience in order to compete with Amazon.
  • Despite the fact that nearly 90% of user time is spent with apps, most consumers don’t have many retailer apps on their smartphones.

In conclusion, customers want to find what they want and retailers want to improve in-store user experience through mobile app. 


GooFinder_Competitor Analysis

In order to immerse “Shops by Aisle411”, I took a field trip.

Walgreens is one of participating stores with “Shops”. When I used this app in store, I still got lost. Every row was the same for me. Also, as long as rows were over four, I couldn’t locate my site. The signs in store were not matched on the map. Searching is only for item rather than brand

GooFinder_ Shops by aisle411

After analyzing two competitors, I believed solving this problem should be begun from simplicity. I will help users and retailers satisfy their minimum purposes at the same time.




Traditionally, when People can’t find items in a store, they do NOT ask for someone’s help until they have no choice.

People need a solution instead of a clerk. Meanwhile, a solution has the almost the same functionality as a clerk: not too much interaction but can find the items

Therefore, I chose color lamp and image to reach the goal. It’s based on the study of human processing information system. People always have more impressions of diagrams.

impression psychology

For retailers, all they have to do is change “physical display“. Price tags become the main sort of color lumps and signboards synchronize background color with price tags.





Final prototype


I believe GooFinder is a good way to find your items!


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